Beastbox not enough USB power

  • Hello,

    I have built the carbon project in the past but tried to built one of these for a friend. I can get to the part where you select a game profile and edit the keys but no inputs are detected. If I remove the hub containing the mouse, keybaord and ds4 and try just the keyboard (G13) it lights up and says Beastbox on the display. However when the hub inserted with all devices there is nothing. It is the same mouse, keyboard and hub that I use with the carbon project and it works great. Any ideas?


  • Is your HUB compatible with USB2.0 standard?

  • Hello,

    I figured out my issue was trying to usb a regular keyboard. It works with my G13 where I can configure all buttons including the mouse.
    My new issue is when I start the game and touch the mouse it just points down and will not move. The G13 movement and buttons all work but the mouse is no responsive after moving it once in game.
    I'm not sure what controls the mouse movement. Perhaps the diode?

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