Playing PS3/PS4 with a mouse and keyboard (Part 1)

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    Introduction After a long time, I finally get a time to write a tutorial and share a DIY device for playing PS4/PS3 with mouse and keyboard. This version of project was named BeastBox, and for those guys that saw the previous version called Carbon, this version is much more easier to build. All those versions […]

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  • Hi, will this work on the xbox one?

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    @coco Unfortunatelly not yet. I don't have a XBOX 360/ONE to build, but implement it will be easy.

  • Hi Mori, I´m using your Carbon Project, which run perfectly, but now I'm thinking of upgrading to the BestBox. A doubt. Can I apply the firmware BestBox over Carbom? I'm not finding the diode 1N5820, can I use 1N5822 instead? thanks

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