Playing PS3/PS4 with a mouse and keyboard (Part 2)

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    In this post I will show you how to install the firmware and the configuration software. The configuration software (BeastBox) will be used to configure the behavior of keys, mouse translation parameters and update the device firmware. This software was written using QT Framework so it can be easily compiled to other operating systems. The setup […]

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  • Hi,why the file "beastbox.dfu" can not be download?

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    @ryphoon Ops, my fault. Wrong link! - try again please!

  • Hi,mori,I found that the file "BeastBoxHelp-enUS.pdf" can not be download too,could you fix it?Thank you.

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    @ryphoon Sorry about the mistakes. Now it's working.

  • Hello mori,I've built my own beastbox hardware without optional diode, RGB led and UART.So there are Type-A Jack and res.I use the 20ohm instead of the 22ohm that I don't have.I used the Zadig to change the usb mode,and connected with beastbox software in DFU mode.The hardware was updated succeeded.Now I have some problems that when I click "Switch between DFU and HID mode" button or reset the hardware in normal without BOOT0-VDD,the PC shows that the USB device is connected and disconnected in several seconds, and it is repeated over and over.I saw the USB device's name changed,sometimes it is NEBULA XXX, sometimes it is HID XXX.As a result, I can't connect and config the hardware with PC.Did you have the similar problem?

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    @ryphoon 20R is ok. NEBULA Controller/NEBULA ConfigMode is OK (for now). The loop is because the device is switching between (PS4/PS3/PC). Seems to me that USB driver is not switched to LibUSB - This configuration is a little delicate, try to check carefully with zadig to see if its using libsusb driver (Remember that if you change the usb port, you will need to configure again).

  • Hello @mori did you hear about "Hori TAC 4" keyboard and mouse for PS4?
    How did you think it's just have joystick components inside and convert mouse&keyboard to joystick like others (BeastBox, Xim4, VenomX, etc.) or it's simple keyboard and mouse, and in PS4 have driver for support all features in this device?

  • @ryphoon I have similar problem like yours. I watched how to video and there is tricky point. Its not shown on users manual pdf. you must change jumper pin vdd-pb7 after firmware is uploaded and you must also change beastbox configuration driver with libusb driver with Zadig tool. After that you can remove jumper pin. When you reset discovery its connect to configuration mode. Enjoy :)

  • Hi Mori

    Thanks for your great work.
    I have built the basic version using the STM32F411 board as i couldn't get hold of the board you used.

    I connected another usb to connect to the ps4 on pa11(D+) and pa12(D-).

    I can successfully connected and uploaded the firmware, but cannot get any further..

    Looking at the video you connected vdd and pb7 together then used zadig to change the driver. i have also done this but nothing happens

    Do you have any ideas please

    Many Thanks

  • Hey Maviler,
    Once you swapped driver and removed the jumper you should be able to run BeastBOX app and upload profile there. What exactly is happening? Some details might help to help you troubleshoot the issue....

    BTW. I didn`t shorted +5V with PB7 when i was updating the driver

  • Hi Flower2power thanks for the offer to help.

    so i got it into bootloader mode and uploaded the firmware but I can not get the board into beast config mode. Which means when I cant update the driver in that mode in order for the BeastBOX to Run.

    Any Ideas?

    Many Thanks

  • Hey Maviler,

    Yep that is the tricky part as device is running trough the loop( PC/PS3/PS4 modes) and you have just few sec to replace the driver. .
    The best option for me was to:

    • opening the ziadig and select list all devices.
    • reset the microcontroller (STM32) by pressing the back button
    • select the tight device from the zidag, and replace the driver.
      I was doing that from WIN10 on Lenovo P70 with tons of USB devices, and be careful as the list of the devices will appear quickly and the app will automatically select the fist one on the list(I accidentally updated driver for my touchscreen :))
      And be patient - it might take few min before you will be able to catch right device from list and replace the driver.
      Hope that helps and good luck!

    Best regards!

  • Hello and thank you for making this project open!

    I've been trying for some time now to make it work and i have a problem.
    First things first, i have the new version of the board you are using, the STM32F407G-DISC1. I didn't notice any major differences from the official page but i felt like i had to mention it.
    I've installed everything, downloaded the firmware without problems, made the changes to the drivers and i even assigned keyboard buttons to DS4 using a keyboard i hooked up to the board. So the board is working alright with your firmware and it recognizes keyboards and mice.
    The problem is that when i select to Update the profiles it fails.
    A Transfer Error window pops up with the message "An error occurred during profiles transfer".
    I checked the installation folder and found a log file.
    I see that it correctly reads the number of profiles and the limit and generally everything goes perfect right until i press the update button.
    So after Device connected entry my log file looks like this:
    profile crc 0x21C771D0
    readReport() - response error -7
    Error erasing device flash
    Error downloading profiles
    HID Thread error
    Trying to get number of profiles...
    num profiles 0
    Trying to get max number of profiles...
    max profiles 0

    After closing BeastBox a couple more entries show up:
    Stopping HID thread...
    HIDHandler closed...

    I will keep looking for a solution but if you can help i'd be obliged.
    Thanks for your time.

  • I have solved the problem.
    As i said in the previous post, there was a response error -7.
    According to libusb error code list it means there is a USB Timeout.

    I downloaded the source code from your git page and installed QT Creator.
    There i in the hidthread.cpp file i changed the THREAD_TRANSFER_VALUE from 500 to 5000 to give it more time.
    It did the trick.
    The board is now working properly, thanks a lot!

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